Design consultancy If you are planning to bring a new range of powerboats into production, particularly RIBs, then why not benefit from the collective experience of Offshore Expeditions. There are few people better placed to tell you exactly what does and does not work, potentially saving you from a long and expensive learning process.

Expedition planning Need some help with route planning, or logistical support? Offshore Expeditions are available to assist with setting up and successfully completing all kinds of expeditions, whether on land, sea or air.

Boat preparation and fit out As well as consulting on design and manufacture, Offshore Expeditions has built and fitted out boats on behalf of various individuals and manufacturers. If you are having a boat built, why not invest a little extra and have the whole build process montored on your behalf by Offshore Expeditions? If you are a boat builder and need help keeping up with peak demand, or have a one-off that needs some extra resources, Offshore Expeditions can help you too.

Event management Use our experience to get the very best from your event. We can arrange and manage the provision of all all types of charter vessel, power and sail, as well as a full range of backup facilities.

After dinner speaking Alan Priddy is well established as a speaker. His illustrated talks cover a wide range of exploits from icebergs in the Arctic North, to pirates in the tropics, and will entertain audiences of all types and ages.

For details of any of these services, please email offshore@offshore-expeditions.com, or call 023 9265 3973 (+44 23 9265 3973 from outside the UK) for a no obligation discussion.

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